Declining Values

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care

Human touch, people first, people comes first, we care.., these phrases are everywhere to see and their is still hope as the values of these phrases are upheld by few, once the window of opportunity is closed we will have lost the values, virtues and vision to live a matured and richer life, we will be very close to the days where we will bound by four walls, robots at home and drones delivering goods at the windows…none interested in anyone else, other than themselves..selfishness served by compromising values.

Their is a saying about, Two friends who were lost in forest and upon seeing a lion, one of them tries to fasten his shoe lace, when asked whether he could run faster than lion, he said..”I just need to run faster than you”. Where everyone trying to outrun the other trying to cover as much space as he could, gather as much as he can.

But, what happened to the professionals, the lawyers, the doctors whose foundation of service are based on ethics, trust, whom people believe and are considered to be one above the human race, whom we trust.I remember an incident recently of one of my friend, who with an unbearable tooth ache visited the dentist, after thorough examination he was suggested to go for a root canal on three of his teeth while two other could be managed by filling, not satisfied with the results he approached couple of dentist more (nowadays you will find mushrooming dentist in each street corner), to his dismay each dentist had their own version of diagnosis and a lengthy price chart which would rip him off to almost Rupees 20K and apart from above the fear tactics coercing him to go for treatment immediately.

Not to give up to this tactics he approached a medical hospital got an appointment and was later examined and diagnosed by highly qualified dentist, by each and every department starting from x-ray, temperory filling after cleaning was prescribed initially to relieve him of pain, few days later a permanent filling with no requirement of root canal to any of the teeth and all the time being consoled and reassured of all is well as he was very apprehensive due to earlier diagnosis by the dentists and surprisingly the cost incurred was only rupees 1500 including his travel expenses.

Where are we heading too? has it become another commodity market, where we calculate just investment and returns?…is it time for a shake up like what’s happening with the khadi clads and other industry, or has this pious professions come to an end.. Dead, or is the human touch and human values replaced by selfvalues.

It’s not only the accountability in professionals, you will find them on E-com portals too, where the money is frisked away upfront, and you keep following for the promised service, your calls get transferred to a dead end, finally the one who cheated you of your money dictates terms by giving options, ending up with a sorry..It’s our company policy.

…It’s a wake up call.