Concept of coaching classes

Its quiet true the concept of coaching classes is here to stay. In 80’s we could find a handful of classes in prime locations, which cost time & money, hardly a percentage of children attended these coaching classes. It’s rightly said, perhaps it’s due to demand and supply gap or the quality, where options are few and add to it parents ambitions which a poor child carries on his shoulder right from nursery onwards.  The tutorials / coaching classes of today is no more a mere tuition class, it’s a giant, a massive industry running parallel to the schools.

So what made the mushrooming of classes, or what instigated the rapid growth?

Due to the present educational infrastructure, fast paced technology development, along with it the need to stay ahead of competition, students wishing to score high for the best career growth are turning towards private coaching classes. Second important factor is the changes in education syllabus compared to the 80’s, parents are unable to cope with coaching their own children, the time factor too counts.

# Desire to stay ahead in the global economy and the falling quality of mainstream education system, a whopping 87% of primary school children and up to 95% students in high schools receive private tutoring in metros, reveals an exclusive survey by ASSOCHAM.

The proportions of children relying on private tuition have increased by 100% for the students of primary schools from 2006 to 2013. On the other hand, secondary school enrolments for private tuitions have also gone up by 92% from 2006 to 2013. The growth of primary levels tuition is higher than the secondary levels in the last six to seven years.

# A parliamentary committee report on issues related to education has observed that the syllabus that children are taught in schools, especially in senior classes, is not capable of getting them through in a competitive exam.

Parents: The survey had revealed that parents feel teachers in schools have too many classes and students to handle in a short period.  The tuition classes give the extra push to their ward for performing well academically.

Tutorials: Many school and college teachers have left their job to take a private tutoring job. They can take two or three tuitions at a time and earn more than what they are getting in schools or colleges.

Now that the classes are here to stay, and the parents are willingly submitting to this mushrooming, productive education system let’s try to understand what parameters work for a coaching class to be established, or what makes a coaching class stand out? Or what makes a parent to decide on certain coaching class? Or what prime factors to be considered before taking an admission to a coaching class. Few immediate factors which come to mind are;

  • Methodology
  • The class ambience (is it done with productivity in mind, which helps a student to focus on his studies, without distraction?)
  • Efficient faculty
  • Good Counsellors, team
  • Convenience and Cost….and above all
  • Good Results

The above factors do play a deciduous role but more importantly it is the Good Results, but at what cost, if the knowledge is limited to get good results? In today’s scenario if a particular coaching class drives best results the other factors do not matter much?…

Private touring is a lucrative business today, but unmonitored and unorganized state in India. Is there a moderator, an association to keep a reign on them similar to other developed countries where the quality, performance and manipulation could be kept in check, as well proper guidance for parents are laid out?

We would be glad to hear your suggestions and comments.


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