Get Your Tourism Career Sailing:

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Get Your Tourism Career Sailing: Opportunities in Tourism Sustainable tourism can bring gradual and impressive development; it has the ability to collate resources, engage, to bring about a positive change #travelenjoyrespect #tourism #career #travel #travelacademy #dta #Mumbai #thane #dreamcastertourismacademy

Get More…more sales, more revenue

Marketing Automation Marketing automation is a software platform which enables companies to effectively target customers with automated marketing messages across digital channels including email, websites, social media and text messages to generate sales leads. It’s a segment of CRM, used to cut down the repetitive task and increase overall marketing efficiency. The companies can reach … Continue reading Get More…more sales, more revenue

Digital Synergies

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Is Niche Market approach a better choice for small businesses?

  The start-ups, micro and small medium enterprise founders, directors, ceo has all the time in the world to build their business, but by end of day you are piled with pending document works, missing follow up calls, delay in responding to RFP”s and ultimately losing track of their goal and gradually losing steam, enthusiasm. … Continue reading Is Niche Market approach a better choice for small businesses?

Declining Values

Human touch, people first, people comes first, we care.., these phrases are everywhere to see and their is still hope as the values of these phrases are upheld by few, once the window of opportunity is closed we will have lost the values, virtues and vision to live a matured and richer life