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Special Promotional Offers for startups, small business enterprise, professionals, consultants, agencies, home based business enterprise, SME in education, health & fitness, trading, tourism, logistics, real estate. Also get the benefit out of social media, email marketing,  local marketing, website optimization etc from the expertise of GBMC

A Magnificent and Fantastic Offer

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Every business is unique, It has its unique customers, with unique preferences.

Solution also has to be unique

What we do?

  • Research & analysis
  • Product positioning
  • Identify target audience
  • Create customized content, distribute and deliver relevant content, through online media, informing and engaging the target audience, inspiring and persuading to take an informed decision
  • Guiding target audience all the way to POS, Store, Website to your sales team for closing.

How you benefit?

  • Extending your market reach
  • Creating and optimizing your brand value
  • Generating demand for your product
  • Reaching out to your target audience
  • Exploring new and developing market, you have never tried before
  • Promoting to Local / Regional / National target audience
DurationCost (Rs) pmDisc %Price (Rs) pmTo pay (Rs)

6 months10000109000.0054000.00
12 months10000158500.00102000.00
12 months + website115000.00
12 months + website
+ 1 yr maintenance
  • Offer for new customers only
  • Validity 31 Mar 2019
  • Promocode SMO15OFF
  • Taxes extra as applicable

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Connect with existing and new clients

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