A Source Pool

Listed are few links which will help individuals, small and big entrepreneurs with the knowledge / source on how to safeguard the digital devices from malware, spyware threats.

The source pool is also a knowledge base which will help an individual, entrepreneur to enhance their skills, business, aiding growth through website, or other digital mediums.

Few are free for download and some on trial basis, gbmarcom does not guarantee or take responsibility on the authenticity of the products, nor is responsible for any damage/loss caused by your action. the idea is to bring such source in one page which will help individuals entrepreneurs to access, source and pick the best which suits its purpose.

website development, web designing

online business, website

How to develop a website for beginners

Google browser guard

Firefox browser guard

Free bot removal tool

Mobile device security solution for android devices addressing threats related to mobile phones

Free anti-virus for home PC

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